Ram.P is the founder of the LAKS TUTORIAL. The main of the LAKS TUTORIAL is improve the knowledge of the beginners of the programmers.I Hope You all like the Content of the LAKS TUTORIAL. Finally I thanking You people.


I completed my Post graduation in Computer Science Department with the 80% from JNTU University.

About Laks Tutorial

Welcome to Laks Tutorial(LT)- A community of students who are beginners of programming and also here Laks Tutorial provides the information about the blogging tips,hosting tricks.
Here LaKs Tutorial stands for:

  • Every ones goal is became a programmer or software engineer but you want to became a programmer at least you need to know or learn basics of Programming languages. Laks tutorial can provide basics for beginners .
  • You can learn easily write programs in c and Dot Net by go through the posts.
  • Easy to learn Programming languages C and C#.net.
  • Laks tutorial provides the best interview questions to the beginners and experts
  • Who are interest to learn programming languages for those this blog is useful.
  • Main intention of developing Laks Tutorial website for beginners of computers and programmers only.
  • Free video guides & tutorials to simply complex of programming.
Laks Tutorial is help for beginners of programming, who wants to passionate in programming and who wants to excel in life fast changing world. 
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