C language Interview Questions

C language every one knows how much familiar c language. You want to learn any programming language you must and should know the basics of programming languages. If you learn the C language ,C language will make you very easy to learn other programming languages like C++,Java,C#.
Here we are providing the Best Interview questions in C-language and also by reading these interview questions you got idea about the C-language.We specially Concentrate on the beginners of the programming and just recall the experts of the programmers for them these questions are very useful.

C language Interview Questions Set:1

  1. What is a language ?
  2. Define program ?
  3. Types of Programming languages?
  4. Define an Algorithm?
  5. Define Flowchart?
  6. Define Debugging?
  7. Who and when c language was developed ?
  8. Explain Features of C language?
  9. Define Compiler ?
  10. Define Interpreter?
  11. What is Machine Level Language?
  12. What is Low Level Language?
  13. What is Middle level language ?
  14. Define Data Type ?
  15. How many Data types in C?
  16. Define Variable?
  17. Define Local and Global Variable?
  18. What is an Instruction ?
  19. How many operators are there in c Language ?
  20. What is the pre processor ?
  21. How can we include library files in c language?
  22. From which statement on wards c program execution begins?
  23. How to declare a variable in C?
  24. Which statement is used for  print the  values in C?
  25. How to read the values from keyboard in c language?
We will provide the answers in our upcoming posts please read and learn the language. 


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