Wednesday, 14 March 2018

How to Create a Blog | Simple steps to create a Blog

How to create a Blog in Simple steps with free of cost

LAKS TUTORIAL welcomes Beginners of blog for learning How To create a blog in Simple steps. Create a Blog is very simple and easy. We can make you as Creating Blog is simple and easy to understand for you. Lets start to our creation of Blog.

Steps to Create a Blog

Blog Creation

 First You just select or decide which platform you choose like Blogger,Word press etc. LAKS TUTORIAL explains How to create a Blog in Blogger platform.
 How to create a blog in simple steps. We have more options for creating a free blog providers in that some are blogger,word press, wix, like these are the free blog providers. 
The main dis advantage of the free blog providers is what ever you choose the domain name that extension of the domain name is provider name like Here we no need to purchase domain and web hosting for your blog.

Here we are choose the Blogger. How to create a simple blog in Blogger ?

Step 1: You must and should have the gmail account in google. If you have google account proceed to step 2 else create your gmail id.
Step 2: Login to Your google account with your gmail id.
Step 3: After logging in to Your gmail just check it for apps in your Browser Right side and left side of the your google account profile button or logout.
Step 4: Just click on the apps button from that scroll down their you find the Blog icon you just click it opens a new blogger window

Step 5: Creating blog window open.It will ask Title of Your blog in Title bar and domain or blog name in Address bar provide those details.
Step 6: Then you just choose your blog template as already provided free by blogger.
Step 7: Just click on the create blog button.
Step 8: Type your blog full address in address bar of the search engines it will opens your blog.

Conclusion: I hope you people understand the How to create a blog in simple steps without cost.Creating blog is very simple by reading the article .Create and share your ideas to the world without knowledge of domains and hosting. Here i am having the domain your having or not why are waiting. Just Know how to create your domain and host in world wide web


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