October 5, 2017

Ms Excel Introduction

Basics of Ms Excel. Before learning MS Excel you just know what is excel ?
Excel is a software included in Ms Office package. Excel having cells those are divided by Rows and columns.Excel is also called as spread sheet program from Microsoft. Image shows the sample ms excel spread sheet.

ms-excel short cut keys

The diagram show the Columns, Rows and Cell.

Basics of Ms-Excel

Excel having mainly 7 Sections

1. Ribbon.
2.Office Button
3.Formula Bar
4.Name Box
5.Zoom Bar
6.Work Book
7.Work Sheets


The Ribbon section provides the all the tabs of Ms Excel sheets like Home,Insert,Page Layout,Formulas,Data,Review,View, Developer.


Office Button: 

Office Button having the New,Open,Save,Save As,Print,Prepare,Send,Publish, Close of your work Book

Formula Bar:

In Formula Bar you can type or you can enter your excel formulas like, Sum,Average,V lookup all excel supported formulas

Name Box:

When enter any cell of the your work book that cell name appear in Name Box

Zoom Bar:

Zoom bar provides the you can maximise and minimise of the your workbook or spreadsheet. By using Zoom Bar.

Work Book

Another name of the excel file is work Book 

Work Sheets:

Work sheets is collection of cell where you keep the data. Each excel file contain Number of Work sheets.
ms excel basics
Conclusion: I hope you people got some information about the Basics of MS Excel.Basics of Ms Excel article explains the main parts of the excel what it contains. Laks Tutorial explains How to Open and Home Tab

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