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01 July 2017

Applications of C

LAKS Tutorials

C language is more efficient and powerful we know that because of every where we can use c language or its features. We learn Application of C language.
C programming is best known programming language. C programming is near to machine as well as human language so it is called as middle level programming language. C program also used to different  tasks such as networking related, OS related.

Applications of C Programming

  1. C language is used for creating Computer Applications.
  2. Used in writing Embedded software.
  3. It is also used in developing verification software,test code for various applications and hardware products.
  4. C is used to implement different Operating System Operations.
  5. UNIX Kernel is completely developed in C Language.
  6. Firmware for various electronics,industrial and communications products which use micro controllers.
  7. For creating Compilers of different Languages which can take input from other language and applications convert into lower level machine dependent language.

List of Applications of C Programming

Operating Systems Language Compilers Modern Programs
Simulators Network Drives Assemblers
Utilities Print Spoolers Text Editors
Language interpreters Embedded Systems Language compilers

LAKS Tutorials / Author & Editor

RAM.P is Founder of the LAKS TUTORIAL.The Main AIM of the author is providing basics to the beginners of the program to imrove their knwoledge


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