June 28, 2017

Components of Dot Net framework | CLS |Common Language Specification

Components of Dot net frame work. Laks Tutorial explains the components
of Dot net frame work.
  1. CLR(Common Language Run Time)
    1. CLS (Common Language Specification)
    2. CTS (Common Type System)
    3. JIT (Just In Time Compiler)
    4. GC (Garbage Collector)
  2. Base Class Library 

Common Language Specification

Common Language Specification responsible to provide "Language Interoprability"

Language Interaparability

Providing code execution support that has been written in any other programming language is known as "Language Interoprability (LI)" Means write any program in some other languages like c,java,C#.net after writing the code will provide the execution of the code, which platform is supported for this execution that platform is known as "Language Interoporability".Language Interoparabilty is achieved by Managed Code and UnManaged Code.

Managed Code

The Code for which MSIL form is available after the language compiler compilation is executed directly by the CLR and is called as "Manged Code".The code execution process is called as "Manged Code Execution".
In Manged code execution CLR will provide all the  features of .Net like Language Inseparability, Common Type System, JIT compilation.

Un Manged Code

Code that is developed early to dot net,for which there is no MSIL form is available is not executed directly by the CLR . Rather CLR will redirect the code to OS(Operating System ) for execution.This is called as "unmanaged code", and the code execution process is called as "un managed code execution". In UN Manged code execution CLR not provide any features of dot net like JIT compiler,CTS.

CLS(Common Language Specification)

Language Specification:

Syntactical rules that we follow to write the programs in any programming language is known as Language specification. In Manged code execution process . Net supports 61 Programming languages every programming language has its own Language specification.
Every programming language has its own language specification, one programming language can't understand the other programming language specification or syntactical rules but all these programming languages code executed by the CLR.
CLR does not know or Can't understand any of the programming language language specification rather CLR acts its own language specification for MSIL.
Any programming language compiler follow CLR's language specification and should generate MSIL accordingly.
This language specification of CLR is common to all the supported dot net (61) programming languages. All Language Specification process is known as Common Language specification" in Dot net.

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