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01 April 2017

Ms-Excel Short cut Keys| Ms-Oofice

LAKS Tutorials

Ms-Excel Short cut keys

Alt Keys
Alt  For navigate the Ribbon tool
Alt + H Home
Alt + N Insert
Alt + P Page Layout
Alt + M Formulas
Alt + A Data
Alt + R Review
Alt + W View
Alt + F File Menu
Alt +  1 Save
Alt + 2 Undo
Home Shot Keys of ALT
Alt +H+C Copy
Alt + H+ X Cut
Alt+H+V Paste
Alt + H+FP Format painter
Alt +H+FF Font Format
Alt + H+ FS Font Size
Alt +H+ 1 Bold
Alt+H+2 Italic
Alt+H+3 Underline
Alt+H+FG Font size increase
Alt+H+FK Font size decrease
Alt+H+B All Borders styles
Alt +H+H Fill background cell
Alt+H+FC Font color
Alt+H+AT Align Top
Alt+H+AM Align Middle
Alt+H+AB Align Bottom
Alt+H+AL Align Left
Alt+H+AL Align Center
Alt+H+AR Align Right
Alt+H+W Wrap Text
Alt+H+M Merge Cells
Alt+H+N Cell Format
In this video we are going to shwo some of the MS-Excel Short cut keys watch and learn the short cut keys

LAKS Tutorials / Author & Editor

RAM.P is Founder of the LAKS TUTORIAL.The Main AIM of the author is providing basics to the beginners of the program to imrove their knwoledge


  1. Wow nice sir because of this i got to knw how to work with excel ... Info u given is very usefull for me ... Keep updating sir


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