April 14, 2017

Installation of oracle | Database

Installation Oracle 10g In Windows7

Installing oracle database we have to download the setup file of oracle for that download the Oracle latest version from oracle https://www.oracle.com/downloads/index.html After downloading the setup file of Oracle.Open the setup file for installing.
installation of oralce
Installation of Oracle

Installation procedure for Oracle

  1. Click on the setup file
  2. Oracle Setup file
    Oracle Setup File
  3. Click Next
  4. Click on Accept the terms and conditions
  5. Click Next
  6. Enter password for installation(password is your wish)
  7. Oracle passowrd
  8. Click on Install
  9. Click on Finsih
Completion of the steps as mentioned in the installation procedure,oracle creates a short cut named as Get Started With Oracle Database 10g Express Edition
Oracle short cut key
oracle short cut key
click on it it will open the oracle Home page in Your system default browser.It is asking Username and Password for that You enter Username is system, password is at the time of installation what you gave that password enter then click submit it will opens your oracle server installed in your computer.
Completion of installation must and should set the path for the oracle in environment variables.

Path Setting for the Oracle

  1. Goto My computer Click with right mouse button click on properties it will open the new window like
    environment variable
    environment variable
  2. Click on Advanced system settings again new window will open from that window click Environment variables
  3. After clicking the Environment variables it will open the new window
    system variable
    system variable
  4. In that under system variables check if the ORACLE_PATH is available no need to set else you have set that by clicking New opens a new window like
    system variable
    system variable
    Here you type variable name as ORACLE_PATH and variable value is where your installed oracle that location up to bin folder (Example:C:\oraclexe\app\oracle\product\10.2.0\server\BIN;) after entering that click ok.
  5. In the same way under system variable edit or create new path same instead of ORACLE_PATH type path and value is same then click ok
  6. click ok again.
All the steps done correctly your installation and path setting is completed successfully in your computer or laptop.

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