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10 April 2017

Installation of Java | setting path

LAKS Tutorials

Installation of Java in windows 7 64-bit operating system

Java is a popular software. Now a days all the electronic devices are supporting the java applications and its features. Laks tutorial helps to give a knowledge on installation of Java.JDK (java Development Kit) and JRE(Java Runtime Environment)is used for running the application(or) programs.JRE is a subset of JDk so include JDK its having JRE.

Downloading JDK

  1. Goto Java SE download site
  2. under the Java Standard editions download latest versions
  3. choose your operating system(ex:windows 7 32 bit)

Installing JDK | JRE

After Downloading the JDK, select and double click. It will open Java SE environment,follow the installation wizard up to completion.By default JDK is installed in your system C:\Program Files\Java.

Setting PATH

  1. Goto My Computer right click, select properties it will open the new window
  2. Environment variables
    Environment variables
  3. From that you select Advanced system variables from that select Environment variables
  4. From that under system variable scroll down select path and click edit(---) at the end you just copy of the bin(ex:C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_121\bin;) folder
    Variable name : PATH Variable value : c:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_xx\bin;[exiting entries...]

Verify the JDK Installation

  1. Goto Start type cmd
  2. type java
  3. it will display the java command
  4. or you type javac -version it will display the java version you installed in your computer
  5. command prompt
    command prompt
Finally You installed java software in your computer . Now you can work with your java programs.

LAKS Tutorials / Author & Editor

RAM.P is Founder of the LAKS TUTORIAL.The Main AIM of the author is providing basics to the beginners of the program to imrove their knwoledge


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