December 30, 2016

Inter View Questions on .Net Frame Work

 Now a Days Dot net is one of Most Popular software. By using this we can create Desktop and Mobile applications, games, websites,etc. If you wants to work in Dot Net platform the following are the basic Questions of Dot net Frame work. Check your Dot Net knowledge once go through.
dot net interview questions
Dot net

  1. What is .NET ?
  2. Why .NET ?
  3. Explain Code Execution process in .Net ?
  4. How many languages .NET supports ?
  5. What is platform ?
  6. How many times code is compiled in .Net ?
  7. Which code compilation is faster and why ?
  8. What is platform Dependency? and In dependency ?
  9. What are the components of Dot Net framework ?
  10. What is a collection process in GC(garbage collector)?
  11. When GC will perform the collection ?

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