December 30, 2016

Dot Net Frame Work

What is .Net Frame work ?

  • .Net frame work is execution or run time environment of .net programs or application.
  • .Net frame work is core for complete .NET without frame work there is no .Net.
  • .Net frame work is completely free software and can be download from Microsoft site install and use.

What is VS.Net

  • Vs. Net is an editor tool used for  to write .Net code or creating applications using .Net frame work.
  • VS.Net is powerful and flexible editor to the programmer.
  • provides RAD( Rapid Application Development) facilities.
  • VS .net is not free software and is licensed software to use it, it is required to purchase the license from Microsoft.
  • Code is written using VS.Net it will be executed by using .Net frame work only.

Difference Between .Net Frame work and Visual.Net

.Net Frame Work Vs.Net
Dot net is a Free Software Vs.Net is not a free software
Execution and Run time Environment of .Net programs or Applications Designing and Developing Environment of .Net Programs or Applications
Occupies a memory of 150 MB to 500 MB Vs.Net Occupies a Memory of 1.5 GB to 5.5GB 

Components of .Net Frame Work

.Net Frame work contains the following components.
    1. CLS(Common Language Specification)
    2. CTS(Common Type System)
    3. GC(garbage Collector)
    4. JIT(Just in time compiler)
  2. BCL (Base Class Libraries)or(Frame work class libraries)

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