March 25, 2016

Introduction of Dot net

Why. Net?

  • .Net is a very much powerful tool used to build Distributed Computing Applications.

What is .Net ?

  We have various kinds of software's  in IT filed mention as follows.

Softwares Examples
Operating System Windows,Unix,Linux,etc.
Applications/packages MS Office,Tally,Wings,etc..
Data Bases MS Access, Sql Server, MY Sql,DB2, Oracle
Server Technologies SMS Server,Mail Server,BizTalk Server,etc.
Programming Languages C,C++,Java,COBOL,etc.
The above table refers the software's and its examples and now just once we look at .NET
  • .NET is not an Operating System
  • .NET is not an Application/ Package.
  • .NET is not a Data Base.
  • .NET is not a Server Technologies.
  • Finally .NET is not a Programming Language.
The above all reasons are not suitable for Dot net. Then What is .NET.

what is .NET

  • .NET is a Framework tool which supports many programming languages.
  • .NET is a Framework tool which supports web technology or server side technology.
  • I refer no.of websites and books .NET supports 61 programming languages.
  • In 61 programming languages 9 are designed by Microsoft and 52 are designed by Non- Microsoft.
List of Microsoft Designed Programming Languages
  1. C#.Net
  2. VB.NET
  3. J#.NET
  5. F#.NET
  6. C++.NET
  7. windows power shell.
  8. Iron python
  9. Iron Ruby
NOTE: ASP. NET is not a programming language. ASP.NET is a web technology,we can write code by using C#.NET ,VB.NET or J#.NET.

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