February 22, 2016

Variable in c programming

we learn comments in c language. Here we learn variables in c language. Before that we know all about any thing we can store we use always third party (thing) means if we want to store water for our drinking we use one water bottle,if we want to store latest songs in our mobile we use memory card like that we are depended on other thing.For storing or replacing in real time. For that we have different names and different thins like bottle etc.In the same way C language named as variable
variables in c

What is variable in C Language ?

Variable in C programming is also called as container to store the data. A variable is a name given to the memory location where the actual data is stored. Variables are so called because, the constants in the variables can be modified any where in the program values of variables varies from time to time.

Variable naming Rules

We have to follow the following rules while creating a variables in C programming.

  • Variable name should start with an alphabet.
    Ex: a,anand,num,sum
  • Variable name cane be sequence of alphabets and digits.
    Ex: abc,anand12,sum34;
  • Variable name can't contain any special characters expect such as[ *,^, ! , ; , #,...etc]
    EX: rool.no=101; // incorrect declaration should not contain special character(.)
  • Variable name should not contain spaces.Underscores are allowed to Different between two words.
    EX: sales no=420; incorrect statement because space are not allowed; sales_no=420; correct statement;

Rember Following Tricks

  1. Do not create Unnecessarily long variable name.
  2. Do not use Underscore as a First Character to avoid confusion between System variables and User Defined variables because many system variables are start with Underscore.
  3. Variable names are case sensitive.

Declaration of variable

Declare is nothing bur represent a variable. Only Datatype and Variable name is represented in Declaration. When we declare a variable following instructions will be done.
  1. Memory is allocated for variable or space is reserved for variable.
  2. Declaration is used for just identification of Datatype.

Example of Declaration

int ivar; float fvar; char cvar;

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