February 16, 2018

How to create a Bootable USB for windows vista

Installing  windows 7 or vista by USB . Easy way to create a your USB  to bootable USB devices.
Before creating bootable devices you must and should have the ISO file or you can download from the related operating system websites.
STEP 1: For creating bootable USB we just installing POWER ISO  software for free. Just download the software from the POWERISO website and install the software on your PC.
STEP 2: After installing the poweriso software open it run as administrator
STEP 3: The it will open the POWERISO application. from that go to Tools in that select  create bootable USB drive

STEP 4: It will Opens the new window create bootable USB

STEP 5: Select source file or image disc means select your Opeating Systems ISO file .
STEP 6: In Destination USB drive select your USB device and select start.

STEP 7: It will Convert your USB device to Bootable USB device.

Successfully You Converted your USB device to bootable USB Device

After Successful completion now you can install windows operating system through USB

Conclusion: I hope you people got the information how to convert the Your USB to Bootable USB. If there is any doubts please write comments.

February 10, 2018

How to Activate whatsApp payment | How to create WhatsApp UPI payment

WhatsApp you people well known the word. I think you people are familiar to work with whats up. Now whatsApp launched the payment system in their latest update version. WhatsApp payment feature is mainly based on Unified payment Interface(UPI).Presently WhatsApp payment system is under beta version .Shall we start how to create the WhatsApp UPI payment system in your whatsApp.
whats up UPI payment activation on Your Number

Open your whatsApp
 Goto chat list and select any one of the your liked contact chat.
 In that go to attachment symbol from the list you select payment option.

 Go to your settings from their also you can select payments option.

Click on Payment It will Verify your phone number via sms. After verifying sms it will show the list of bank account.


From the list of bank names you select which bank account your having click on that.
Note:Your whatsApp number is the same on listed on your bank account. 
Select Your bank account  from the list it. verify your number on the bank account.

Successfully you added Your whatsApp number to whatsApp payment system.
You send or receive money through who are registered whatsapp payment service on their mobile number
Start sending or receiving money through your whatsApp.
How to activate whatsapp Payment service in your whats App number You can watch the video for step by step procedure.
Conclusion: I Hope you people got the information How to create a WhatsApp Payment service through your whatsApp number. 

February 9, 2018

Tally Short Cut Keys

Tally is an accounting package. Every where Tally is used. In your office also you can use tally software for your business.
Mainly we are divided Tally keys in two parts for our simple understand.

  • Function Keys
  • Alt Keys
All The F1 to F12 keys in your keyboard are called as Function keys.

Function Keys

F1:To Select Company/Inventory Button /Voucher
F2:To Change Current Date
F3: To Slect the Company
F4: To select the contra voucher. Voucher creation and alteration screen.
F5: To select the payment voucher. Voucher creation and alteration.
F6: To Select the Receipt voucher. Voucher creation and alteration screen.
F7: To Select the Journal voucher. Voucher creation and alteration screen.
F8: To Select the sales voucher. Voucher creation and alteration screen.
F9: To Select the purchase voucher. Voucher creation and alteration receipt.
F10: To Select the reversing the journal voucher. Vouchers creation and alteration screen.
F11: To Select the function and feature screen.Vouchers creation and alteration screen.
F12: To Select the Configure Screen

Alt keys

Alt+A: To Add a voucher, To alter a column in column report
Alt+C: To create a voucher at master screen.
Alt+D: To Delete Voucher/master/coumn
Alt+E:To Export the Report in ACII,EXCEL,HTML Formats.
Alt+I: To Insert a Voucher
Alt+K: To Select the Keyboard configuration
Alt+M: To email the Report.
Alt+N: To View the Report in Automatic columns.
Alt+O: To upload the Report at Your website.

Conclusion: These short cut keys you can use your total tally work. Each and every short cut key will use in tally. I Hope You get some of the short cut keys of Tally.

January 16, 2018

How to Create a Blog | Simple steps to create a Blog

How to create a Blog in Simple steps with free of cost

LAKS TUTORIAL welcomes Beginners of blog for learning How To create a blog in Simple steps. Create a Blog is very simple and easy. We can make you as Creating Blog is simple and easy to understand for you. Lets start to our creation of Blog.

Steps to Create a Blog

Blog Creation

 First You just select or decide which platform you choose like Blogger,Word press etc. LAKS TUTORIAL explains How to create a Blog in Blogger platform.
 How to create a blog in simple steps. We have more options for creating a free blog providers in that some are blogger,word press, wix, like these are the free blog providers. 
The main dis advantage of the free blog providers is what ever you choose the domain name that extension of the domain name is provider name like lakstutorial.blogspot.in Here we no need to purchase domain and web hosting for your blog.

Here we are choose the Blogger. How to create a simple blog in Blogger ?

Step 1: You must and should have the gmail account in google. If you have google account proceed to step 2 else create your gmail id.
Step 2: Login to Your google account with your gmail id.
Step 3: After logging in to Your gmail just check it for apps in your Browser Right side and left side of the your google account profile button or logout.
Step 4: Just click on the apps button from that scroll down their you find the Blog icon you just click it opens a new blogger window
Step 5: Creating blog window open.It will ask Title of Your blog in Title bar and domain or blog name in Address bar provide those details.
Step 6: Then you just choose your blog template as already provided free by blogger.
Step 7: Just click on the create blog button.
Step 8: Type your blog full address in address bar of the search engines it will opens your blog.

Conclusion: I hope you people understand the How to create a blog in simple steps without cost.Creating blog is very simple by reading the article .Create and share your ideas to the world without knowledge of domains and hosting. Here i am having the domain your having or not why are waiting. Just Know how to create your domain and host in world wide web

January 10, 2018

Top and Best Free Educational Websites

Free Education web sites for the computer science students and faculty. Laks Tutorial came out the good information for the students and faculty. That is Best Free Education websites and Top websites in the web.
Let we check what are those websites and which the information having those websites. Why Those website are so much popular.
  • NPTELwas offered by the MHRD govt INDIA and all the NIIT's of INDIA.
  • In NPTEL all the web and video courses are available.
  • NPTEL is the best site for the all the Engineering students and faculty.
  • w3schools website is the best Education website for beginners to expert level.
  • Best Site for students and teachers of the computer science.
  • By using w3school we can learn HTML, CSS, Java script like etc. courses are available.

  • Wiki How is the world best how to website 
  • In this website you can ask like in Question Format. what you want to know.
  • All the article are having best information.
  • one of good learning website for the computer science students.
  • In this you can learn no.of Technologies with free of cost.
  • Java T Point is also free education website for the computer students.
  • Java T Point is also same as Tutorialspoint website.
  • C# corner you can learn latest programs,technologies.
  • All the C shap corner article writers are working in real time environment. By this you can get the teal time environment by asking questions.
  • You can ask your doubts and your questions to the expert team.
  • Code Project website is also same as the C#corner website.
  • Code Project is the best for the programs.
  • You can learn number of real time program by using the Code project website.
Some of the paid websites are 
Khan Academy
Code Academy
Tree House

Hope You all are getting good websites for improving your knowledge and  better future to learn latest technologies and programs for your academic of the b.tech students.

Best Website for Students and Faculty

January 4, 2018

What is a Blog | Laks Tutorial

What is a blog, why do we need a blog. Why the people are attracting to create and update their blogs daily.
 Originally the word "webblog" was coined by "Jorn Barger". The short form blog named by "Peter Merholz"

Blog Meaning ?

Blog is an another version of website. Blog is a discussion or website that is published in the world wide web. laks tutorial call blog as a online public dairy or journal. In Blogs publish your ideas, your memorable thoughts in your passions way. In Blogs you can create your own unique content to your readers. Blogs can also use as website in your interested topics  by posting article.

Blog Articles ?

In blog what ever the information or topics you can post by articles or posts. In your blog you can post your interested  topics , speeches, motivational quotes to spread to your readers and friends. In blog we have a facility to Invite your friends or relatives to write articles on your blog.

Comments ?

One of the best feature in blog is commenting. In your blog you can ask comments form your readers for improving your content, ideas, in your blog.  By asking comments blog or website can improve the quality. Blog author can interact with the readers of the blog. Blog author can handle the comments by his blogger app. 

Earning Money ?

Bloggers can earn money form their blogs by placing ads on blogs. we have so many ads advertiser providers . By placing ads on Blogs, Blog author can make money improve their financial background.

Your Carrier(JOB):

If you want get a good job in Multinational Companies in your resume you can add you own site name in that resume definitely you got some good option for them. Because you know the latest information on the web.


You can share your ideas and motivational speeches to your followers or who wants to knows the details.


You can share your experience to your juniors and the world. By these things you got good name in the world.


Finally LAKS TUTORIAL guides the beginners of the bloggers. I hope beginners can got the information about the blog.  LAKS TUTORIAL  explain the How to earn money, How to place ads on blogs, How to publish Posts or articles on blogs.

December 23, 2017

Introduction of Java | Basics of Java

What is Java?

Java as a programming language

  • The java programming language is a high level ,Object-Oriented and general purpose computer programming language .
  • Java is similar to c++ but simplified to eliminate language features that cause common programming errors.
  • You can use java to write computer applications that play games,store data or do any of the thousands of other things computer software's can do.
  • it is intended to let application develops "write once run anywhere" (WORA), meaning that compiled java code can run on all platforms that support java without the need for recompilation.

Java as a Computing Platform

  • A platform is the hardware or software environment in which a program runs.Some of the most popular platforms are Microsoft Windows,Linux, Solaris Os,Mac OS.
  • Since java has its own run time environment(JRE)and API, it is called a platform.
  • There are lots of applications and websites that will not work unless you have java. installed, and more are created every day.
  • From laptops to data centers, game consoles to scientific supercomputers cell phones to the internet, Java is everywhere.

Where Java is used ?

According to Sun, 3 billion devices run java. There are many devices where java is currently used.some of them are as follows.
  • Desktop applications such as acrobat reader,media player,antivirus etc.
  • Web applications such as irctc.co.in, Javapo.com etc.
  • Enterprise Applications such as banking appliactions.
  • Mobile.
  • Embedded System.
  • Robotics.
  • Games etc.

History of Java

Java was developed by Sun Micro systems in the early-to -mid 1990s and development continues to this day,of course. Here are some of the more important milestones in the early history of the language.
  • 1990.  A team headed by James Gosling is set up to work on a programming language for consumer electronic devices.The goals were to develop a small language, that would easuily adapt to new chips,and be very reliable. The language was originally known as Oak, but that name was already used it had to be changed.
  • 1992. The team creates a project called Star 7(*7) and develops a personal, hand held remote control. The development team is incorporated as First Person,Inc. but loses a bid to develop a TV Set top-box for time-warier.
  • 1994. The team notices the popularity of the web ,which came along 1993 and builds first web-enabled browser, web runner. Sun executive are impressed.
  • May 23 1995; At sun World in San Francisco Sun Microsystems Inc., formally announces  Java 1.0 and Netscape also announces it will license Java for its browser.
  • 1995 -Present : the rest of the world notices,Programming go bananas, and the rest,as the say is history.4

Fetures of Java Programming Language are :

  • Simple
  • Secure
  • Portable
  • Object-Oriented
  • Robust
  • Mulithreaded
  • Architectur-neutral
  • Interpreted
  • High performance
  • Distributed
  • Dynamic


  • Java is Easy to write and more readable and eye catching.
  • Java has a concise,cohesive set of features that makes it easy to learn and use.
  • Most of the concepts are drew from C++ thus making java learning simpler.


  • Java programs cannot harm other system thus making it secure.
  • Java provides a secure means of creating internet applications.
  • Java provides secure way to web applications.


  • Java program can execute in any environment for which there is a Java run-time System.(JVM).
  • Java programs can be run on any platform(Linux,Windows,Mac).
  • Java Programs can be transferred over world wide web(e.g applets)


  • Java programming is object-oriented progrmming language.
  • Like C++ java provides most of the object oriented features.
  • Java is pure OOp. Language (while C++ is semi object oriented)


  • Java encourages error-free programming by being strctly typed and performing run-time chcks.


Java provides integrated support for multithreaded programming.


Java is not tied to a specific machine or opearting system architecture. Machine independent i.e Java is independent of hardware.


Java supports cross-platform code through the use of Java bytecode.
Byte code can be interpreted on ny platform by JVM.

High performance;

Byte codes are highly optimized JVM can executed them much faster.


Java was designed with the distributed environment.
Java can be transmit,run over internet.


Java programs caryy with them substantial amounts of run-time type information that is used to verify and resolve accesses to objects at run time.

October 5, 2017

Ms Excel Introduction

Basics of Ms Excel. Before learning MS Excel you just know what is excel ?
Excel is a software included in Ms Office package. Excel having cells those are divided by Rows and columns.Excel is also called as spread sheet program from Microsoft. Image shows the sample ms excel spread sheet.

ms-excel short cut keys

The diagram show the Columns, Rows and Cell.

Basics of Ms-Excel

Excel having mainly 7 Sections

1. Ribbon.
2.Office Button
3.Formula Bar
4.Name Box
5.Zoom Bar
6.Work Book
7.Work Sheets


The Ribbon section provides the all the tabs of Ms Excel sheets like Home,Insert,Page Layout,Formulas,Data,Review,View, Developer.


Office Button: 

Office Button having the New,Open,Save,Save As,Print,Prepare,Send,Publish, Close of your work Book

Formula Bar:

In Formula Bar you can type or you can enter your excel formulas like, Sum,Average,V lookup all excel supported formulas

Name Box:

When enter any cell of the your work book that cell name appear in Name Box

Zoom Bar:

Zoom bar provides the you can maximise and minimise of the your workbook or spreadsheet. By using Zoom Bar.

Work Book

Another name of the excel file is work Book 

Work Sheets:

Work sheets is collection of cell where you keep the data. Each excel file contain Number of Work sheets.
ms excel basics
Conclusion: I hope you people got some information about the Basics of MS Excel.Basics of Ms Excel article explains the main parts of the excel what it contains. Laks Tutorial explains How to Open and Home Tab

September 9, 2017

How to Save MS WORD | MS EXCEL |MS Power Point in PDF

How to Save MS-WORD or MS EXCEL and MS-POWER POINT documents in PDF

save as pdf

How to save ms office documents in PDF format. We are going to explain how to save your documents in pdf with simple steps.
  1. First check weather in your MS-Word documents save as in pdf format is available or not
  2. For checking weather saving pdf format option.You just go to your ms-office any documents and click save as button in that check pdf is available or not if available save as pdf else you just follow the procedure
Saving your Ms-Office documents in PDF format Procedure
  1. For saving ms documents in pdf format we are installing 2007 Microsoft Office Add-in: Microsoft Save as PDF or XPS
  2. Click the link for downloading the 2007 Microsoft Office Add-in: Microsoft Save as PDF or XPS http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=7
  3. After downloading you just install the software.
  4. Go to Your document and click on save as button there in list you got the pdf format click the pdf format and enter file name click save button your document is saved in pdf format.
  5. In the same repeat the step 3 for your M-Excel and Ms-Power Point documents

Why PDF ?

  • PDF(Portable Document Form) is mainly used for Read only documents
  • If you want to change or alter the data you want to use other electronic devices.
  • The main advantage of the PDF is security

July 20, 2017

CTS Common Type System| Components of Dot Net framework

Most Important Component of the Dot net frame work is CTS (Common Type System). In Language specification specifies the syntactical rules. where as Cts verifies the data type.

Common Type System

In Manged code execution Dot net supports the 61 Programming languages among all these programming languages has its own data type system.
Every programming language has its own data type system, one programming language can not understand the other programming language data types system.But all the programming language data types are commonly executed by CLR. This is because of the CLR does not conatin any programming language data type or can't understand the ant other programming language data types rather CLR has its own data type system.
At the time of compilation all programming languages data types are converted CLR's data type language compiler. So CLR understand its data types.
Data type system of CLR is common to the programming languages supported by .net . This system is known as "Common Type System".
Commont Type System of CLR is Divided in to two categories. 1)Value Types, 2) Reference type.

Value Type :

The data types which are capable of storing the data directly into their memory locations are known as "Value Types". Ex: int a=10;

Reference Type:

The data types which can't store the data directly into their memory location rather reffers to other memory location were data is stored, are known as "Reference Types". Ex: String s="LAKS".

Difference Between Value types and Reference Types

Value Types Reference Type
Store the data directly into their memory location Stores the directly into their memoray locations rather refers to other memory locations where data is stored
Memory is alloted at compile time Memory is alloted at run time
memory allocation is made with in the stack Memory allocation is made with the heap
CLR  not provide the "Automatic memory management" CLR does not provide the "Automatic memory management"

Boxing and Un Boxing

Boxing :

Boxing is the process of converting a variable from "value type to reference type".

Un Boxing :

un boxing is the process of converting a variable from "reference type to value type".